Coach Tim

"Coach Tim"

Life Coach - Mindset Specialist

Mindset is The Key to New Positive Habits
and Defeating Overwhelm & Stress!


Who Needs a Coach?



ALL Winners have coaches! Leaders have coaches. High performers have coaches. Successful people have coaches. If you look at people who have achieved high levels of success in life and are super productive, you’ll find a common pattern: They have great coaches.

If you don't think you need a coach, ask yourself this...

Q: "Am I where I thought I would be at this point in my life?"

Q: "Am I 100% satisfied with the results of my life?"


We all understand that no one has “the perfect life”, and we always will want more of "whatever."

To be totally honest, the most successful people will tell you this one thing about life...having things and money will not make you happy. True happiness comes from who you become by being happy with YOU, and what you have RIGHT NOW.

I often tell myself that... "The biggest room in my house is the room for improvement".

I'm Rooting for You! - Coach Tim

Mindset for positive habits