Coach Tim

"Coach Tim"

Life Coach - Mindset Specialist

Mindset is The Key to New Positive Habits
and Defeating Overwhelm & Stress!


Notice Your Thoughts



Go ahead and get yourself a Journal notebook and get ready to jot down your thoughts and how they make you feel, also recall why they make you feel that way.

For a week, observe the thoughts that repeat themselves in your mind, and write them down. Also, be notice your low feelings and see what thoughts might be associated with them.
Over time you will notice patterns that create your low moods and your good moods.

Your mind can hold onto only one thought at a time and make it count. Train yourself to make it a good one full of positivity. Be aware of what makes you happy. Let go of what doesn't serve you so you can receive what you desire. Remember to focus on the good in life no matter how small it may seem because it grows as you grow.

Now go take action and have a happy day, you are worth it!

Cheering you on - Coach Tim

Mindset for positive habits