Coach Tim
"Coach Tim"
Life Coach - Mindset Specialist

Mindset is The Key to New Positive Habits
and Defeating Overwhelm & Stress!

About Coach Tim: Qualifications and Certifications

> Tim is a U.S. Navy Veteran and is certified in “Life Purpose-Life Coaching.


> Tim has completed Tony Robbins Coaching as a Client


> Tim is a member of Stacy Boehman's 2K Life Coaching

Tim also has a certification in ISSA Sports Nutrition.

> Tim is a member of Dave Ramsey's "Financial Peace University"


> Tim has been married for 34 years with two Grown childrenI can relate!!

> Tim is a Deacon at his Churchso Spiritual help is here.




Tim is committed to creating positive change for You, and offers Life Coaching for anyone who realizes the answer to a better life starts within yourself!


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Mindset for positive habits