Why Are You on Social Media?

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Why Are You on Social Media?

Okay this may seem like a dumb question but it is a valid question, especially if you are new to Social Media and don’t know where to begin. Now lets ask a few questions more… Why are you on social media?


Below are some questions to help direct your path in developing a Social Media Strategy.

Why have you joined social media?

What is your product or brand’s overall purpose?

What do want to achieve with social media?

Who is your target audience?

Which social channels do they use? (Those are the ones you should use)


We don’t have to put the pressure of goal setting on you here, but  you do need to know what your mission and purpose is .Get in a quiet room and get a piece of paper and write down your honest thoughts no matter how trivial, because as you search out your feelings, you will have several inspired moments… and they are all important!

Think about not only what your product or service is, but also the ultimate effect it has on your customer. Think benefits, not features. The words you use and the emotions you convey have a huge impact on your audience and the way your brand is perceived.

Everyone of us has different DNA, with unique qualities and insight that you own, so work it and show to the world why you are on social media!


Now go conquer the world your a social media rock-star!


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– Tim Henderson


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