Twitter Tips


Twitter Tips

The Big Change To Twitter and How to Leverage It to Grow Your Business (2017) AJ Amyx

Published on Mar 22, 2017


Twitter tools! A wealth of options

There are a ton of third-party Twitter apps to measure your Twitter grandiosity. Here are a few of my favorites:

Twitalyzer works for any Twitter account and gives you information about their impact score (percentile score) and the type of influencer they are. is a suite of tools that helps you measure and analyze your marketing efforts. It shows the bio, location, history and the number of followers of the Twitter user you’re researching, and more.

Twittercounter lets you count registrations and comments on a particular campaign you’re running.

Backtweets shows you how many people you reach on Twitter and helps you understand how people interact with your brand and your content.

Type your Twitter ID into Twitterholic (where you can also see the most popular Twitter users in your city) or Twinfluence or Twittorati to see what kind of impact you’re making.